Laura Cabochan

You can call me Laura. She, her, hers. Born and raised in the Philippines, I’m a Chinese-Filipino community-based theatremaker, musician, and educator. I am in the middle of my doctoral fellowship at New York University’s Educational Theatre Program an am currently based in Manila, Philippines for my dissertation fieldwork. Under the Fulbright Program, I completed my MA in Applied Theatre at City University of New York – School of Professional Studies. I have collaborated and continue to collaborate with communities and institutions in the Philippines, the United States, and Japan. You can read my curriculum vitae here.

I make theatre collaboratively. I design and facilitate interactive theatrical experiences, primarily for, with, and by young people. I also enjoy exploring physical and digital spaces, sometimes at the same time. I gravitate towards projects that are arts- and community-led, dialogical, and have a great deal of whimsy.

I’m in the process of adding more content to this website. You can e-mail me at laura (dot) cabochan (at) nyu (dot) edu.