Applying Theatreforms

The thought that I’ve actually reached the point of possibly doing a dissertation fills my stomach with butterflies. There’s fear, definitely, because a dissertation is a big undertaking; but there’s also a lot of excitement. As much as I enjoy coursework, I can now set it aside and devote myself wholly to a project that, to a certain extent, invites me to combine everything I’ve learned.

I write about this culminating project more eloquently in “Gaps,” but briefly:

I am returning to the Philippines to engage in place—Katipunan Avenue, to be exact—through theatre-making, with college students from Ateneo de Manila University.

It combines my passion for civic engagement, youth, theatre-making, and creative placemaking. It is also an opportunity for me to go full circle and reflect on what it means to me to be an artist who left the Philippines to study a predominantly Western field in the United States and to now return home to share it.

In this section, I feature the projects I’ve engaged in as an associate artist of Atlantic Pacific Theatre as well as a devising workshop I facilitated this March 2019 in Ateneo de Manila University.

Creative placemaking with Atlantic Pacific Theatre

Devising in Ateneo de Manila University