Arts Dialogue

Collegiality is simply defined as the “cooperative relationship between colleagues”; one of the ways this is done through academia is through an active exchange of ideas through conferences, fellowships, workshops, classes, and so on. I enjoy actively seeking fellow artists out. For instance, during New York University’s Study Abroad Program in the United Kingdom, I made an effort to connect with Coney HQ and participated in one of their artist exchanges during my free time.

That said, this “Arts Dialogue” requirement of the candidacy portfolio is a good reminder of how important keeping proper documentation is. I had already presented twice in one local conference and one abroad, but have kept nothing from these experiences, except fond memories, my notes, and some pictures. I include a brief section about these two conferences here, in Bright possibilities and rude awakenings, because they were two very different experiences of “academia.”

This May, I will be part of the pedagogy-focused pre-conference of CUNY Graduate Center’s “Screening Performance, Performing Screens: New Projections in Theatre and Media.” I will be dialoguing about the work I’ve done in the Verbatim Performance Lab, process drama, digital technology, and working with communities of Asian descent.

My primary artifact for this requirement is the theatre for young audience (TYA) class I conducted for David Montgomery’s Introduction to Educational Theatre course in New York University (NYU).


Bright possibilities and rude awakenings: Singapore Drama Educators’ Association Theatre Arts Conference 2017 and Association for Asian Studies Conference 2018

Theatre for Young Audiences Class in New York University