During my first two years in the United States as a master’s student in City University of New York (CUNY), I was hungry to just learn. I was new to the country, to the field of applied theatre, to the languages of social equity—so I was more intent on soaking everything in. When I entered my doctoral studies in New York University (NYU), especially during my second year, I had a burning desire to create, to assert who I was unapologetically. While I clearly don’t have everything figured out, as my candidacy statement expresses, it is through creating, among other activities, that I get to reflect on and shape my multifaceted identity as artist, researcher, global citizen, and whatnot.

For this section, I intentionally chose to feature artifacts from different genres: applied theatre, game design, and literature. While I am no stranger to making theatre, I was and am truly delighted to have met mentors who support my interest in these other fields. These three, in particular, inform and enrich each other, for example, applied theatre and literature ground game design in emotional resonance while game design enhances applied theatre’s interactivity. I’m grateful to be able to play with and make meet these forms.

Applied theatre: Resilience

Game design: The Haze

Creative writing: I grew up on Kamias Road