There is a stereotype that academics live inside their heads and do not put any of their learning into practice. While this may hold water in some settings, this view also unfairly looks down on theory. Praxis is both action and reflection. While the latter may not often produce concrete, measurable results, the ability to think abstractly, critically, and reflectively not only makes for a more informed practice, but also a more intentionally lived life.

I consider myself lucky to have been a student of Ateneo de Manila University where all undergraduates are required to take six semesters of Philosophy and Theology. Engaging with these different thinkers, from Plato to Hannah Arendt to Gustavo Gutierrez, taught me how to apply different critical lenses on to texts, be it a book, a play, or—most importantly—my own work; something which I will be doing for my dissertation.

The documents I include here include two reviews (one, published; the other, to be published) for academic journals. Another is an analytical paper I wrote for Nan Smither’s Creative Play class in New York University.


Book review: Buhol-Buhol by Sir Anril Tiatco (2018)

Musical review: Maxie the Musicale by Bit by Bit Productions (2014)

Process drama analysis: “Huizinga: Process drama as play: (2017)