The NYU Educational Theatre Student Lab

Although currently inactive, I established an unofficial NYU Educational Theatre Student Lab in the middle of the Fall Semester of 2018. I felt it would be useful to have a space, not just for myself, but also my peers in the program, to practice facilitation with one another and share ideas. We have had three sessions thus far.

Starting this group was a challenge to myself because I wanted to learn how to organize and lead. While I was successful in getting the group going, I wasn’t successful in supporting other members to become leaders who can continue our activities even while I was in Japan doing my internship. In addition, one that I find interesting, is that the Student Lab’s membership quickly evolved to just consist of the program’s international students from Asia. Initially, there were members from other ethnicities—given this was an open call—but their other commitments made it difficult for them to participate. To be transparent, I often wonder if the membership would be more diverse if I were white and/or American; yet, on the other hand, setting my own insecurities aside, perhaps helping nurture an affinity space solely for the program’s international students was what was meaningful at that time (and perhaps is still meaningful upon my return to New York).

Here is a paper I wrote for David Montgomery about my experience with the NYU Educational Theatre Student Lab, from its conception to its first workshop.

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NYU Educational Theatre Student Lab
You can download the PDF here.